Sunday, 20 May 2012

Today's walk

Today, we repeated the walk from yesterday. Along the riverside path and up to the fields.
We spent some time on the school field, while Ellie and Oscar chased the tennis balls and Pepper rooted about in the hedgerows. Unfortunately, while rooting about, Pepper unearthed a dead rabbit which she proceeded to eat - more work is clearly needed on her "leave it!" command! As the rabbit was in a hedge, and the field that backs onto the school field is not a used farmer's field, I'm hoping that the rabbit died of either natural causes or at the teeth of a fox or something. We'll keep an eye on her for any ill effects. So far she seems fine.

Rabbit incident aside, it was a nice walk. Much warmer than yesterday and less windy. All three dogs had a nice run through the field, and even discovered a ball on a rope that had obviously been lost by someone else. I always take our balls off the dogs when we go into that field as the grass grows so long that it's very easy to lose them. We don't have regular tennis balls that are easy to replace. We have practice cricket balls, which look like tennis balls, but are more solid. I've spent so much on normal tennis balls, only for them to be punctured by the dogs' teeth and then ripped apart, so when I found the cricket balls, I decided that they'd be worth a shot. Obviously, when throwing them, I'm careful not to hit any of the dogs considering that they're much harder than a regular tennis ball.

Again, I took my camera with me and took a few shots. None using the hi-speed burst this time as the quality of those weren't great.

Thinking about entering this shot into a competition.

Ellie with the newly found ball on a rope

Oscar was not up for posing today

Sniffing the grass

Ellie is not a natural poser

Ellie investigating the camera

Pepper with a typical Springer pose?

Pepper in her favourite place

A few more pictures of Ellie than normal. She moves far too fast to be captured easily on camera!

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