Sunday, 13 May 2012

So, after neglecting this blog for so long, I'm going to start posting regularly. I'm also going to involve both of my dogs, rather than just Ellie. I'm aiming for at least one post a week, but maybe more depending on what's going on.

Today, we walked along the nature reserve route. The weather was a bit of a mix - sunny but extremely windy, which meant it wasn't warm. Both dogs like the nature reserve route. It's a lovely circular walk along by the river and through the woods before getting to the nature reserve. The dogs only need to be only the lead for a short time as it does involve crossing a major road and walking alongside another. But the amount of off lead time more than makes up for it. After the nature reserve, it's a nice walk along the old abandoned railway lines (no tracks anymore), past the boating lake and back home. It normally takes about three hours, depending on how long we spend at the nature reserve, but it was a little bit less today as we didn't have as much time to spend there.

Pepper likes to swim and ended up in the river several times, even though it wasn't deep enough to swim in today. Luckily she's more than happy to come out and run along with the other dogs. Once we get to the nature reserve, she likes to swim in the pond there, which is usually deserted (although the summer might change that).

So, as not much else happened, I'm going to leave you with some pictures.

Pepper in the river - look how fast her tail is wagging! 

This side of the pond is good for swimming

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

Safestix time

Ellie waits on the side as she doesn't like to swim

Change of Safestix as Ellie stole the pink one

Ellie, with the stolen Safestix

"Come back!"

This is Oscar, having a drink

Time to get out

Rest time

Hopefully I'll have another post on Thursday as Pepper goes for her daycare assessment.

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