Sunday, 27 May 2012

Dog days

Wednesday's training session for Ellie was held outside in the sun, which was a lot harder than it being held inside. Ellie was very distracted by all of the smells and kept trying to eat the cut grass and turning her nose up at the treats I had. Everyone else's treats were more appetising, apparently.

With the weather picking up and temperatures soaring, we've been walking earlier this weekend. But I think it may need to be even earlier next week if it keeps up!

Yesterday we just did the field walk again, and the dogs were happy with this. Until we met a woman we've met before, with her two dogs, Dexter & Molly. She was walking with her boyfriend and his two dogs, who were friendly enough, although Ellie didn't think so. She was a bit afraid of the boxer dog, and when he tried to play chase with her, she just took off and ran down the hill. He came back, but Ellie was nowhere in sight, so I had to backtrack a bit and get her to come to me. She hadn't gone far, luckily, but she was very tired after her run. But wouldn't take any water from me just then, as the other dogs were still there and she was wary that she was going to be chased again.

Despite that little incident, the rest of the walk was good. Then we came home and both dogs had a nice shower outside from the hose to cool them down. Ellie was not impressed.

A couple of photos from yesterday's walk:

Ellie hanging out in the grass before 'The Chase'
Pepper found something funny
Oscar relaxing with his ball
There was water in this exact spot last week

Ellie posing nicely

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