Sunday, 31 July 2011

So, it's been a week since Ellie came to join us and I can honestly say it's been a good week.
The first day was a bit of a 'do nothing and let her adjust' day. She and Pepper needed to get used to each other, and there were a few little 'arguments' that were really just a lot of noise on Ellie's part. She's a very noisy little dog!

Since then, they've settled very well. The first night was a bit of an event. Only having one cage didn't work too well as we weren't confident enough to try and get them both to sleep in it. Ellie was given the cage and Pepper got to sleep outside of it for the first time since she was 6 months old. Needless to say, she didn't stay downstairs and ended up wandering in and out of the bedrooms. This is fine at night time, but we didn't want her wandering round like that during the day. So, on the Sunday, off we went to Pets At Home where I spent a small fortune on a crate, two beds, some toys and some shampoo (to get rid of the kennel smell).

Despite being given advice by the Dog's Trust to not walk her for a week, she has been going for little walks every day with Pepper and has enjoyed them immensely. Although she has been coming back with more energy than before for some reason! She has not been allowed off the lead yet though. That won't happen for a few more weeks yet.

Since writing my last post, we have discovered that Ellie is actually 9 months old and is, in fact, a Springer/Pointer cross - a Sprointer - not a spaniel/collie cross. Which makes much more sense when you see her.

As I write this, both Ellie and Pepper are laid (almost beside each other) quite happily, enjoying each others company. Long may it continue =)

Friday, 22 July 2011

The night before...

I write this on the eve of possibly the most exciting day this year.
Tomorrow our household will grow by one member. A member that is only seven months old.

Meet Ellie.
A spaniel cross who will be coming to live with us from the Dog's Trust centre in Darlington.
The purpose of this blog is to follow how we (and our other dog, Pepper) cope with taking on a rescue dog.
Hopefully it won't be full of too many disasters!