Sunday, 21 July 2013

Two months: progress report

So this weekend marks two months since Pepper and Ellie moved to raw food.
I have to admit that I didn't think I could see much difference in them, other than in their teeth, but today I took some pictures.

Pepper - before (top) & after:

Pepper's teeth - before (left) & after:

Ellie - before (top) & after:

Ellie's teeth - before (left) & after: 

The biggest difference is in Ellie. She's lost nearly 2kg in weight (I had them weighed last week) and you can really see her waist now. I will also point out that it's not her spine you can see in her 'after' photo - she has odd ripples in the hair all along her back! Plus, there's a big improvement in her teeth. 

With Pepper, you can see the beginnings of a proper waist there. It's harder to tell with her as she's very chunky, but she's not fat. She has also lost 1.5kg in weight, which is good. And again, her teeth are loads better. 

Another plus point is their poops are much smaller & firmer (sorry if that's tmi!) and I can't remember the last time either of them farted! 

As this is only two months into the new regime, I'm hoping to see a lot more improvements over time! 

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Raw food = good

So, as of Thursday this week, Pepper and Ellie have moved off kibble and onto raw. So far they've only had a couple of meals - one of chicken Natural Instinct and one of lamb shank, ox kidney and chicken Natural Instinct. Although, having said that, they've been having raw meals on weekends for the last couple of months so I'm not too concerned about feeding more than one protein source at the moment. I am planning on giving them mostly chicken though, just in case.

Here are their 'before' photos:

Pepper (who wouldn't stand straight):

Pepper's teeth: 

 Ellie (who wouldn't stand):

Ellie's teeth:

I couldn't get pictures of their back teeth, but I'm hoping I'll see some improvement in those too.