Sunday, 19 August 2012

It's been a while...

Well, I haven't updated the blog for nearly a month as I haven't had anything interesting to update about!

But today, we went to another dog show. This one was a little bit more serious than the ones we've been to in the past as it had classes that were specifically for pedigree dogs that were run in a very serious way.

As we don't show Pepper, we didn't enter her into any of the pedigree classes. We stood around the outside of the ring and watched what was going on though. We were stood near a group of people who were obviously very serious about showing as they were criticising other people all the time!

One woman came out of the ring with her daughter after the Junior Handler class in the pedigree classes complaining that the judge wasn't very good. She then went on to say something about a couple of the kids that were in the ring, but I missed exactly what it was. I imagine it was something like "some of those kids have never handled a dog before" though.

These same people continued to criticise the people entering the novelty classes, which aren't meant to be as serious as the pedigree classes. That made me glad that I'm not involved in serious showing.

Anyway. We entered Pepper and Ellie into the Prettiest Bitch class, but as there were so many entries, they didn't really have a chance.

The next class we entered was Best Crossbreed and obviously, only Ellie was entered into this. There weren't as many entries into this class, but there were still quite a lot. So I was quite surprised - and happy - to be called out for the final 6. Ellie ended up being placed 4th, so she got a lovely green rosette. During this class, the rain started to come down quite heavily.

The rain continued - and got worse - in the next class which was Best Rescue. Again, only Ellie was entered into this one. I told the judge her back story, which isn't really a typical rescue story as she was born in the rescue centre we adopted her from, and again we were called out for the final 6. This time, Ellie placed 6th and got a nice purple rosette to go with her green one. After this class, we were both soaked through to our skins.

But, we had both dogs entered into Best Pair (of dogs), so we hung around. Sadly, we didn't place in this class, but I couldn't be happier with Ellie's placings. Considering it's only the second show we've been to and the first 'proper' one, she's done brilliantly.

Here's a picture of the winner herself:

And here's her newly decorated cage: