Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Bank holiday trip to the beach

Yesterday we decided to take the dogs to Redcar beach as my dad had heard that the council had spent a fortune doing it all up.

Well, he was half right. They have obviously spent a fortune, but haven't done it all up yet so there were fences everywhere. But we could still get down to the beach.

We didn't walk too far along as the tide was coming in, but the dogs had a great time racing around. They were in and out of the water - even Ellie - chasing after stones that my dad was thrown. Obviously throwing stones is not ideal, but the dogs were nowhere near them and the stones were landing before the dogs even got into the water so there was no danger of hitting them.

We spent an hour walking along until it started to rain, then we turned and headed back to the car. One problem we always have after a trip to the beach is that Pepper tends to have very, very runny poo after being in the water. Yesterday was no exception and she was leaving a trail as we walked through the town - oops! Not sure what we could have done (apart from not walk her through the town) to clean it up though as it was pure water that was coming out of her. Poor thing.

Anyway, we got our fish and chips for dinner and then came home, calling at Pets At Home for some dog food on the way.

Here are a few pictures of the girls enjoying themselves.

"Omg! It's a wave! Run!" 

"Oh, they're not so bad"

I hid a treat in a hole

Pepper enjoyed the dig

Ellie, not so much!

"This is how it works, ok? I'll wait here..."

"...you bring me the stick!"

"Yay, stick!"

"Give me the stick, Pepper!" "No!"


  1. Looks like Ellie and Pepper had a great day at the beach!!

    Milo :)